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In recent years, women are often waiting until they are in their 30’s and early 40’s to start a family. Fertility for some family conceptwomen can be challenging to achieve by this time, and acupuncture has received much recognition for its ability to help women become pregnant.

Renée K Barsa, L.Ac. of WellPath Acupuncture & Healing Arts has been working with fertility for over a decade. She is honored to support women through this special time, and feels it’s tremendously rewarding to help families achieve their goals. Renée has also worked closely with reproductive endocrinologists to increase the efficacy of western fertility treatments for her patients. Recent studies show the remarkable ability of acupuncture to increase the success rate of IVF up to 70%!

Peer-reviewed research has demonstrated that acupuncture has many positive effects on fertility, such as:
•    Acupuncture may regulate the menstrual cycle, ovulation, and fertility by mediating the release of neurotransmitters and gonadotropin releasing hormone
•    Acupuncture may increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries by inhibiting uterine central sympathetic nerve activity, the vasoconstriction often caused by stress
•    Acupuncture may mitigate the body’s response to stress by stimulating the production of endogenous opiods and increasing seratonin levels
•    Acupuncture may beneficially influence hormone and cortisol levels during the stimuation phase of an IVF cycle

The outcome of these benefits of acupuncture may:
•    Improve the thickness and health of the uterine lining
•    Improve egg quality and quantity
•    Improve sperm quality, production, and motility
•    Regulate the menstrual cycle
•    Regulate hormones to help produce a larger number of follicles during IVF stimulation
•    Help to relieve the side effects of drugs commonly used during IUI and IVF treatment
•    Help to prevent uterine contractions after IVF embryo transfer
•    Reduce anxiety and depression, and promote deep relaxation
•    Reduce risk of early miscarriage
•    Increase pregnancy and live birth rates!

Renée is passionate about supporting women to help achieve fertility and healthy pregnancy, and welcomes you to read more at Fertility FAQ’s.