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Nutritional Support

As part of your initial wellness evaluation at WellPath Acupuncture & Healing Arts, Renée will ask for detailed information about your food choices and habits. Based on your health and wellness goals, as well as your Chinese medical health constitution, dietary recommendations can be incorporated into your customized wellness plan. We may suggest that certain foods be increased, decreased, added or removed from your everyday diet.

Bio Vegetables Freshly Picked, Healthy Vegetables AssortmentJust as regularly maintaining a vehicle is key to its longevity, the food and nutrition we consume keep us operating at peak efficiency. The foods we choose to eat every day can either contribute to our health, or contribute to dis-ease. Under Renée’s guidance, you will be able to make healthy food choices for your specific needs.

To additionally support health and wellness from a foundational level, we may prescribe whole food-based nutritional supplements. Whole food multivitamins and supplements are a powerful way to get your base foundational nutritional needs met in a bioavailable format, while also focusing on a healthy diet.

Many of these recommended supplements will be available at the time of your appointment. Additional support is also available via our Virtual Dispensary. Our convenient online store has thousands of clinical-grade products from the world’s top brands of herbal and nutritional supplements.