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WellPath Acupuncture & Healing Arts in Cary, NC is committed to providing a full array of treatments and services that support our patients on the path to ongoing wellness.

Under the direction of Renée K Barsa, L.Ac., the practice offers services ranging from acupuncture, herbal medicine, therapeutic yoga, essential oil application, nutritional support and lifestyle counseling, to cupping and moxa. We are dedicated to helping our patients heal from the root and deeply restore, relax and revitalize.

Although we are a general practice, the areas we treat most often include chronic and acute pain, women’s health, pregnancy care, fertility, anxiety, and stress.

Online booking is available, and please feel free to contact Renée for more information or to find out if acupuncture might be right for you.

Massage services, including Cary's only available Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, are offered at the clinic by Massage & Healthy Living. Please click here to schedule.