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Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine utilizes formulations of approximately 4-20 herbs, which are used in combination to address patients’ specific health needs. There are hundreds of classical formulas that draw from thousands of herbs, and each formula can be customized as needed. These herbs have been utilized for centuries, and are very safe when prescribed by a knowledgeable, trained practitioner.

Acupuncture needles, moxa sticks and chinese herbal medicine selection with calligraphy script. Translation reads as acupuncture chinese medicine is a traditional and effective medical solution.

As with western pharmaceuticals, it takes years of training and practice to understand the depth and breadth of Chinese herbal medicine. Each formulation works at a deep level to balance your constitution and alleviate your symptoms from the root cause. Herbs can be prescribed in pill, tincture, granule, or raw form.

WellPath Acupuncture & Healing Arts may recommend a traditional Chinese herbal formula as part of a comprehensive holistic treatment plan for our patients. Many commonly used formulas are available at the Cary clinic, while other customized formulas are available to be shipped directly to our patient’s homes.

With thousands of clinical-grade products from the world’s top brands of herbal and nutritional supplements, WellPath Acupuncture patients can access recommended products with one click to our Virtual Dispensary.

Effective use of herbal medicines and supplements can play an essential role in a patient’s path to wellness.