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Disaster Relief

Disaster can strike anytime, anyplace, so are we prepared? As the survivor of a raging wildfire in 2008, Renée experienced the full effects of acute trauma, including insomnia, anxiety, etc. Fortunately, 2 weeks after escaping the flames, fellow acupuncturists were able to provide her the ear acupuncture NADA protocol, and within 10 minutes of the needles being in, she could start to see in color again, could start to breathe fully, could start to heal…

MedicalReserveCorpsLogoSince then, it has been Renée’s mission to help all survivors of disaster to receive this ear acupuncture treatment for trauma! As a volunteer with Acupuncturists Without Borders, NADA, and the Medical Reserve Corps, she quickly recognized how the organizations are perfect partners. AWB and NADA train acupuncturists and licensed clinicians on how to establish field acupuncture clinics, and the MRC, run through the Surgeon General’s office, provides additional training and a national organization with which to be deployed in the event of a local disaster. There is a unit of the MRC established in almost every county across the country!

Renée K Barsa, L.Ac. of WellPath Acupuncture & Healing Arts is now speaking at conferences and training summits nationwide to educate and build this exciting partnership. This simple ear acupuncture protocol has the tremendous ability to help treat and prevent PTSD, providing profound relief when no other modality is available. This is a historic opportunity for acupuncturists to elevate the recognition and understanding of the profession to the next level. If you are a licensed acupuncturist or clinician (for states with an ADS law), Renée highly encourages you to participate in an AWB or NADA training, and join your local MRC unit.

Acu Tent Ojai 2013

In addition to providing the ear NADA protocol for trauma treatment, acupuncturists can also be of service by helping with medical intakes, basic triage, taking blood pressure, participating in public health events, and speaking at quarterly meetings to educate other medical volunteers about the services they can provide.

For non-acupuncturists, local citizens can also support disaster care by volunteering to be of service with their county MRC. Please feel free to contact Renée for more info. Together, we can change the face of disaster healthcare and be of remarkable service to our communities!